Capt. Bill Robertson “UFO Lecture”

by cuitlahuacrivas


The Marcabians will say – Look how good you’re doing under this new administrative system of the one Europe that goes all the way to Russia. Except every year it’s a little harder to pay your taxes and live at the same time. Yeah. If you don’t believe me, go check the tourist places in Europe. They’re having trouble. They can’t understand why things are going better in Europe. How come there’s less tourists coming?

You can feel it under the surface. People do not have enough money each year. It is control coming slowly but surely on that administrative and economic line. The more government the more taxes. It’s going to come, it’s coming.

I know that everyone will see it in inflation or lessening buying power. But that is a minor problem, you still have your free will and you can vote. But if your governments start buying solutions from America to control people with drugs and genetics and “special treatments of the mind”, you haven’t got a chance. So that’s the game.