NSA and CIA, FBI : BIG BROTHER, IS JUST FAMILY alien / demonic attachment

by cuitlahuacrivas

Paul Schroeder

February 13, 2014

Yes, it’s true that NSA and CIA have secretly turned America recently, into East Berlin, while no one was watching. 

We in America must no longer trust public officials to do the ‘right thing’.

Snowden’s portrait  adorns Mount Rushmore, in his fool’s rush defense of freedom, for Democracy cannot be amended and protected unless there is ‘reporting’, and when officials violate the Constitution, blatantly, it’s all secret, so there’s no ‘reporting’.

It’s ‘reporting’ that protects democracies.

That’s what Snowden did; he saved America from KGB-like hands.

These covert NSA and CIA activities, at home in the U.S.A., are precisely why we hated the Russians during the Cold War, for the evil surreptitious things that it did to its own citizens.

But, sometimes, Big Brother is just family, especially when it comes to UFOs.

Aliens have always been here and are as native and terrestrial to our planet as are thunderstorms; they are the game wardens of this preserve that we call ‘Earth’ and like good game wardens, they do not let the creatures within suspect that it is indeed, a preserve.