Obama and Putin Playing Out World War III Script Written by Banksters

by cuitlahuacrivas

Dave Hodges

March 6, 2014

With the present Ukrainian crisis, the Russians are looking like a foe that could pose a real military threat to the United States. The forces of war are lining up in Ukraine. However, there is not much that is spontaneous about this event. Both sides are playing out a prepared script written by the banksters.

The Russian Threat

Some people mistakenly believe that Putin is going to single handedly defeat the bankers and save America from the New World Order. Nothing could be further from the truth. Putin, Obama, Ukrainian government, Crimea and NATO are right on cue as each party plays out its script in preplanned scenario.



We would have to be dumber than a box of rocks to believe that Putin is championing an effort to overthrow the banksters. On one hand, he is preparing to fight banker hijacked government of the United States over Ukraine and on the other hand, his troops are training to enforce martial law in the United States. It does not make sense unless one considers the following chain of planned events:

1. False Flag attack designed to place the American people in vulnerable position.

2. The implementation of martial law designed to eliminate all opposition to the installation of a NWO government with complete autocratic rule. Any opposition to the coming World War III will be eliminated.

3. World War III will commence according to script and will devastate this planet so that the bankers can create a new order out of chaos.